Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Horrible. I make a new blog and I never post. A very good reason is I dont have the computer in my house anymore. Its in another builing on the property. Great. Point of making a new blog? Yeah, pretty much pointless. But I will do my best still. I still have no ones addresses so...also pointless. At least I can check the ones I have :).
Pregnancy update: I am now almost 13 wks. along. I'll have my 2nd appointment next week and hopefully the 3rd appointment next month will be the finding out of the gender:D!! My hunch is I'm having another boy. Seeming as my husband comes from biologically 6 boy and only 1 odds are good for having another boy. I'll be happy with a boy though. Every mom wants their little girl but I love my little Kollen more than anything and wouldnt wish him to be a girl ever, so I wouldnt mind another boy. One thing, they are tons easier to get ready haha. But if i have a girl, it will be a complete miracle. And she will be so spoiled, mainly by Austen's mom cuz she's dying for a girl. But Im telling people not to get their hopes up. We already have a name picked for a boy too. Austen and I can NOT agree on a girl's name.I have like a huge list and he's not crazy on any of them. Yet he has no input whatsoever on names....whatever dude. My clothes are still fitting but I definately think I'm starting to show earlier this time. The baby is deep in my pelvis like it was w/ Kollen. I am however alot more emotional this time around. With Kollen my hair was always thicker and shiny and nice. This time I feel homely. Thats not to say I'm having a boy or girl, cuz each pregnancy is different regardless. Well, we will see next month. Boy? or Girl?

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